Student Canvas Orientation

Student Canvas Orientation
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Welcome to the Edison State College, Edison Online Getting Started with Canvas Training. First, give yourself a pat on the back because you have already been successful if you are reading this message. Great job! You are at the correct place!  

So, what is this course all about?

This orientation is designed for students who have never used the Canvas learning management system or who are just getting started. You can also use this as a reference once you start your online course if you have any questions then. By the end of the orientation you should have a basic understanding of the Canvas tool set and be ready to begin using Canvas with your classes - regardless of whether you intend to take online or face to face courses on campus. 

Specifically, upon the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • navigate within Canvas, and customize settings.
  • communicate effectively, using the Canvas communication tools
  • turn in assignments and take quizzes.

This course is set up as a resource for you to complete, then come back to if you ever need help in the future. Those who complete all the required sections will have the knowledge of the tools needed to become a successful student using Canvas. 

Now that you have some idea on the topics that will be covered, let’s begin the course. You can begin the Orientation. Remember, you can click Modules from the left frame, and pick and choose any topic you are needing assistance with. It is best to work sequentially the first time you do the orientation. Good luck!


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